Credit Management - Workflows

New workflows! That's always an exciting phrase to hear. With the introduction of the new Credit management functionality, new workflows have been introduced into the Credit and collections module. You can view them at Credit and collections > Setup > Credit management workflows. The three new workflows that have been introduced are:

Credit Management - Blocking Rules

Within Credit management, a new feature called Blocking rules is introduced. One way I like to explain how Blocking rules work is that they function as more of a "soft" hold against a Customer versus using the Invoice and delivery on hold field to put a Customer on a "hard" hold. I say "soft" and "hard" hold because when you attempt to create a Sales order when the Customer is on hold using Invoice and delivery on hold, you get stopped at order entry. That's it, you cannot proceed any further. With blocking rules, you can still enter a Sales order, but if one of the blocking rules gets activated, then the Sales order goes into a queue for review. That is what I refer to as a "soft" hold.

Parameter Setup

Credit Management - New Fields on Customer Record

One of the great benefits to Credit management is that there is expanded functionality on the Customer record.

Here is a great "Before and After" shot of the Credit and Collections FastTab on the Customer record:

Customer FastTab before Credit management was enabled
Before Credit management feature was enabled

Credit Management - Customer Credit Groups

One of my favorite features of Credit management is the Customer credit group. This can be accessed by navigating to Credit and collections > Customers > Customer credit groups.

Customer Credit Group

Credit Management - Temporary Credit Limits

One concept in Credit management is the ability to easily apply temporary credit limits to your Customers. This can be done for a variety of reasons such as:

  • The customer is displaying at-risk behavior and you want to decrease their credit limit.
  • The customer has filed bankruptcy and you want to limit their spending power in your organization.
  • The customer wants to make a one-time purchase that is greater than their credit limit, so you give them a temporary increase to accommodate their purchase. 

Whatever your reasons, you need to adjust their credit limits for a period of time before reverting back to their regular credit limit. This is done through Credit limit journals. 

Credit Management Feature

In Dynamics 365 Finance, the new Credit management functionality is part of the Credit management feature that was made GA on April 3, 2020.

The link above from Microsoft does a decent job of describing the new functionality from a 10,000 ft view, but what it doesn't describe is the more intricate features of this that will have your Credit and Collections team giddy with joy.

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