Credit Management Release to Warehouse Credit Hold Loop

Some big changes were made to Credit management in recent versions that need to be addressed. One of which is the following parameter: 

Bypass inventory reservations

Image of Credit and collections parameters with Bypass inventory reservations highlighted
A new parameter has appeared called Bypass inventory reservations, but what does it mean?

Release to Warehouse Credit Management Hold

There have been some observations made that when using the Release to warehouse Credit management checkpoint, the Sales order gets stuck in an infinite loop of going back on Credit hold after being released. This is occurring even if the order is Released to warehouse within the grace days defined. 

Credit management checkpoint list with Release to warehouse marked
The Release to warehouse Credit management checkpoint in Credit and collections parameters

Microsoft has quietly released a fix for this in version 10.0.19 that is called Bypass inventory reservations. When this is enabled in the Credit and collections parameters, it will disregard inventory reservations when checking credit management blocking rules. Likewise, it will enable checkpoint grace periods regardless of inventory reservation quantity. 

Credit and collections parameters with the Bypass inventory reservations parameter marked
Enable the Bypass inventory reservations parameter to avoid the Release to warehouse credit hold loop!

This has been a lifesaver for people who have found themselves stuck in an endless loop of Credit management holds when they try to release their Sales order from Credit hold then try to Release to warehouse! 

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Mohamed said...

Great post, we have been battling with this this loop for over a day.

Just a question - we have not experienced this looping issue in version (10.0.28) where the bypass parameter was off but recently then we have moved to a new D365 environment same version with the Bypass parameter off an now we are getting the looping issue - turning the bypass parameter on has resolved it nut we still cannot understand what was triggering the looping it the second environment.

Do you any details on the stock/inventory reservation setup that causes this?