Credit Management Blocking Rules Sequencing

Something happened while I wasn't looking and now we have a clearer sequencing of Credit management Blocking rules. This has been a much-needed change, and I am happy to report on it!Hierarchical arrows with the words "There is a process!" on them

Sequencing of Blocking Rules

In the past, Blocking rules in Credit management have all run, regardless of what happened on another Blocking rule. 

This could cause frustration if a company wanted to stop processing once specific criteria had been met. 

As of version 10.0.21, you may have noticed some new options within the Blocking rules form. 

When setting up Blocking rules, there is a new column within all Blocking rules labeled "Release sales order." This can only be enabled on an Exclusion rule type.

What this "Release sales order" toggle does, is it allows for an Exclusion rule to bypass all other Blocking rules and process the Sales order if it meets the Exclusion criteria. 

Typically, Blocking rules get processed before Exclusion rules, and an Exclusion rule on the same level as the Blocking rule will not exclude that Blocking rule. This is the exception to that rule. 

New Sequence of Blocking Rules

  1. Exclusion rule with Release Sales order checked
  2. Blocking rules (Run in Table, Group, then All sequence)
  3. Exclusion rules (Run in Table, Group, then All sequence)

Having rules in place surrounding how Blocking rules are run is a massive improvement. Here is the link to the documentation within Microsoft Docs: Credit holds for sales orders - Finance | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs

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