Subscription Billing - Renewals

One thing I appreciate about subscriptions is the automatic renewal process. It's nice to sign up for a subscription and not have to worry about manually renewing every time the contract period is up. This brings in automatic revenue for the company and keeps the hassle of manually renewing out of everyone's hands. 

Fortunately, the process for setting up renewals in Subscription billing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is fairly simple to execute as well. Let's dive in! 

Renewing Subscriptions

The process to renew a subscription set up in D365FO Subscription billing is done on the Billing schedule itself. When setting up your customer's billing schedule, there is a button to Renew automatically on the Billing schedule header. If this subscription should be renewed automatically, select this toggle and specify how many lines to add per renewal. 

Screenshot of billing schedule header where the renew automatically toggle is enabled and the lines to add per renewal is set to 1.
Set the toggle for Renew automatically and specify how many lines to add per renewal

In my example above, I have a short billing cycle set for one quarter. I set the toggle for Renew automatically to Yes and Lines to add per renewal to 1. 

Once I invoiced the period, a new renewal line gets added to the Renewal section in the Line details for the line being renewed. The line shows who renewed it, the date it was renewed, and that it is, in fact, a renewal. 

Within line details, see the renewals listed along with date renewed and person responsible for renewing
See the renewals in Line details

If I navigate to View billing detail on the line, there is now a new billing line to be invoiced. This is the first automatic renewal line! 

Billing details now show a new line to be invoiced

Automatic renewals allow users to set up a billing schedule and continually renew the subscription until the customer decides to terminate it. 

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