Deprecate != Depreciate

I often hear/see the words deprecate and depreciate used interchangeably, both in reference to ERP features and functionality. There is a difference in the words, and it's not just the letter i! This is a tough one, because even when you search on the internet, you get mixed results between the two. Let's look at the differences. 

The letter i is not the only difference between deprecate and depreciate.
This letter is not the only difference between these words!

Deprecate - There are several meanings behind the word deprecate, but as it relates to ERP system features and functionality, it means that the use of features and functionality are actively being discouraged because they have been superseded, or replaced, with different functionality. It doesn't necessarily mean the functionality is going away, but it will no longer be supported, and users are often actively encouraged to stop using it. 

Here is a link to D365FO's "Removed or deprecated features home page" - Removed or deprecated features home page - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn

Screenshot of the Removed or deprecated features home page from Microsoft Learn.
Removed or deprecated features home page

Depreciate - This is a term used in finance, typically with fixed assets as it relates to D365FO, to show the diminishing value of the asset over a period of time. 

Screenshot of Depreciation profiles screen in D365FO. Found at Fixed assets > Setup > Depreication profiles.
Depreciation profiles for Fixed assets in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

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